Adding a Add on domain in the HR panel for Virtual Machine


When you buy web hosting solution for HostingRaja you will be given an option to host multiple websites depending on the web host pack that you have chosen. And in order to use an addon domain you need to make sure that the hosting package which you are using needs to have this addon domain options. Because with few of the web host packages you won't get this option so need to see this first. An Addon Domain is just a regular domain Which is been added on to your host account after the original domain you used to set up your account.

You can add a subdomain in HR panel now with the simple front end interface.

As there is a dedicated module created for it.


Follow the procedure to add addon Domains in the HR panel.


  • Login to your control panel in HR panel.


  • Find Addon domains listed under domain section and click on it.

  • Enter your domain name in the space provided and click on create.


When you buy VPS hosting solution from HostingRaja you will be provided with HR panel through which you can easily manage and handle your website. HR panel is one of the powerful WHM through which you can easily get the information about your website. With HostingRaja VPS solution you can host more one addon domain and have a separate directory using one account. And we also provide 24/7 customer support via phone, chat, email and ticket system.