Adding Mx Record on Linux 


Mail dedicated servers will send and receive email messages on the Internet. MX records sets the mail delivery destination for a domain or subdomain. MX Entries must point to a domain and never point directly to an IP address.


If your domain is registered at our company, then you need to follow the below instructions:


  1. First you need to Login to our WHM Panel.


  1. Under DNS Zone Editor module select the domain name from the drop down and click on Edit.



  1. Now you will be able to see DNS Types like A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, TXT. Select MX and click on Add New Record and fill the details and click on Save changes which is present in the top.


Example with MX Record Syntax:  86400  IN MX  10

Where indicates hostname

86400 is TTL

IN indicates Internet

MX indicates Mail exchange record

10 is priority  indicates target



Note: Once it is done login to root access in the command prompt and type " service named restart ". It will take some time to get propagated.