Benefits of SSD Hosting

The Internet has been the powerful media to reach the people. More and more advanced technologies are getting adopted by the hosting service provider companies to deliver the best possible performance for the users. One of them is SSD hosting. SSD stands for solid state drive and is a type of memory device used. The SSD has more advantages over the traditional hard disk drives.

Why SSD hosting is required

Memory is the important part of website hosting India service that has the direct impact on the speed of the server. When you perform any of the actions on your server and it has to fetch the data from the server, there could be a bit of lag when you use the traditional HDD. The SSD is designed with IC terminology


About Web Server
A web server is a program that uses the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) to provide the forms that create Web pages to the user. as a response to their requests, which are initiated by their computer's HTTP clients.  A computer which is intended to serve the web pages within it can also be called as the web servers as well. A system that provides the resources in infrastructure like cloud can also be called as the web server. There are two types of web server, like Linux Web Server and Windows web Server. More than 80% of the websites are using Linux web server because of their hosting environment and convenience. Linux web servers are expensive when compare to the windows web servers in the other side.
How traditional HDD works

The traditional HDD is designed with an electro-mechanical rotating part. The HDD works on the principle of a magnet. There is a circular shaped plate which is a  magnetic material called platter. It is divided into thousands of small areas which are capable of magnetized and demagnetized individually. When it is magnetized it senses the value as 1 and when it is demagnetized it is 0. This process is though a reliable one but consumes a bit more of time.

How  SSD works

The SSDs are designed involving the integrated chip technology which stores the data in the form of 1’s and 0’s. This architecture is similar to that of pen drives. The data is stored in the pool of NAND flash. The NAND structure is made up of floating gate transistors. The NANS structure is designed to retain the value even when it is not connected to the supply. The latency in the SSD is 0.2 milliseconds whereas it is 20 milliseconds in case of HDD.

We at HostingRaja use the SSD in every hosting service that we provide to ensure that the highest quality of service is delivered. Though the class-leading equipment are used in the server the plans are offered at very affordable prices.

Benefits of using SSD on the server.


Faster hosting performance
The technology used in the solid-state drives is more advanced when compared to the one on HDD. This results in the faster response to the data transfer request and hence impact on the speed of the hosting services.

Secure Data
The Hard disk drives are completely dependent on magnetic principle the chances of data loss is more with the failure of platters. In case of SSD since it relies on integrated chip technology which is known for its reliable factor results as most secure one.

Faster Execution of request
The solid-state drives have the latency of only 0.2milliseconds which is shorter over the 20 milliseconds of HDD. The request sent to the memory devices are achieved within no time. making sure of the faster execution time. whereas in the HDD the electromagnetic plate every time has to revolve to fetch the data consuming more amount of time.   

Low power consumption
The solid-state drives use only 20% of the power that is consumed by the spinning disks of the HDD. When you compare it with the hundreds of servers that is a huge power saving the step by using the SSD over HDD.

More reliable performance
The solid-state drives don’t experience the data fragmentation like HDD. hence assures the more reliable services.

Enhanced Security
The SSDs are designed to be more secured keeping the spammers, attackers, hackers away from the server when you use SSD in your server you can be assured.

No cooling needed
The SSDs does not emit any heat so it doesn’t require to be cooled. This has been the greatest advantage as it saves lots of space in the device where it is fitted in.

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