Change and update your DNS records at Linux Solution


DNS record is a small set of instructions for resolving the specified Internet domain name to the proper number form of an Internet Protocol (IP) address. And all these instructions will be residing in a file on the server that administers the website.

DNS or Domain Name System is a system that points your domain name to a physical IP address. The main purpose of DNS is to use easy to remember domain names for websites rather than their numeric IP addresses. DNS also helps websites owner to enable the changes of their web hosts without changing their domain names. For this website, can simply change the DNS entry for their domain name and they can easily point their nameservers to their new host.


Steps to update/add your DNS records in cpanel for shared hosting.


  • Login to control panel


  • Under domains, you will have


             1. Simple zone editor
             2. Advanced zone editor  
             3. Zone Editor



  • Enter your A records and Named server details

  • Click on Add record


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