What is the actual Issue?
When connecting to remote server using putty facing connection refused error.This means that you are not allowed to connect in that manner to the targeted server.For Example either the port is not allowed/correct, the connection type (telnet, SSH, SFTP, etc) or the IP you want to connect from may be not allowed in the server’s configuration. Sometimes your local ip is blocked and that causes this issue. You can contact support team to resolve this issue

Why has this issue has been occurred?
This problem may be due to any one of the following problem with HostingRaja VPS or cloud.

Incorrect SSH Credentials: The login details like IP Address, Port Number, Password,Connection type,Username needs to be filled up during connecting via putty.If any details among these are invalid you will not be able to connect to the remote server of HostingRaja.

IP Block: When you are trying to connect HostingRaja VPS or Cloud server using ssh multiple times with incorrect passwords, our Firewall will block your public ip for the security purpose.The Firewall will analyse the connection request in such a manner that some unknown user is trying to access the server to add malware or to modify the data present on the server.

Server Down: When server is down due to hardware failure or high RAM Usage you are not allowed to make a connection to the server.

SSH service stopped: SSH Service will get stopped due to high cpu usage or if the service is not present or the service got uninstalled in the server. How can we prevent it?
Follow any one of the following steps to prevent from the problem which is mentioned above:

1. First you need to open putty application and select the connection type option as SSH,next enter the proper Hostname or IP address which is provided by HostingRaja along with port number as 22 and press on Open.Now it will as for username enter the appropriate username For example, root and enter the correct password it will start connecting to the HostingRaja server ,now you can perform the actions that you want to do on the server end. In the URl that represents your control panel the host name or Ip address can be configured. Having the hostname should be the better opton though.

2. When you are trying to connect HostingRaja Virtual Private Server make sure that the details you have entered on putty is correct If you proceed further with incorrect login details multiple times you are  treated as unauthorised user and your public ip will get blocked from firewall.Then you need to contact HostingRaja Support Desk to unblock your public ip.It is also possible to unblock pubic ip using our module named CSF in HR Panel, there is one option named config server firewall and enter your public ip under quick allow.  The virtual private server can be visualised by a huge server that is divided into number of parts, wherein all the parts are capable of individual configuration. you can reboot a VPS without affecting the other and you will be provided with the root access with this kind of hosting services.

3.When HostingRaja VPS or Cloud server got stopped you are not allowed to login to server even though you have written a  proper login details, this may be due to high CPU usage,hardware in the server got corrupted. In such cases you need to contact our support team for rebooting the server, this will solve your connectivity problem.

You can check whether server is down or not using the command

ping youripaddress

If it is active you will get the output as follows:
PING ( 56(84) bytes of data.
64 bytes from icmp_seq=1 ttl=57 time=3.98 ms
64 bytes from icmp_seq=2 ttl=57 time=3.88 ms

4.If SSH service is not found on the server or it is stopped due to high RAM consumption or it is uninstalled from the server will result in ssh connectivity error.Contact our support team and make sure that ssh service is present in the server and running successfully without any error.

It is also possible to change your ssh passwords once you login to the server  using the below command:
Next it will ask for a new password to enter,once new password is entered it will as kto reenter the password,once you done with it try to login using new password.

Note: Don't share the SSH Login credentials with anyone if you want to reset it kindly contact us.Sharing Login Credentials with unknown user will cause code modifications and data loss.