cPanel Contact Information


In this type of interface of cpanel, you will be allowed to change the system email address. It is the type of email address on which the system will be able to notify the important updates. You will not be able to use the system email address or any other email address which is connected with your domain name. You will not lose any important information update.


To update your contact email, follow these steps ?


  1. In cPanel Home you need to click on the username that is on the right corner of the dashboard.


2. When you click on the contact information option you will be finding the contact information interface.


3. Now you can enter in the email address where you want the system to contact you for all your important information.


4. If you wish you can enter your secondary email address where you want to receive the copy of that email which has been sent on the primary email.


5. You can choose the options where you want the system to send the notifications in the contact preference. It is very important that you always leave the checkbox selected.


6. Now you can save the button and then save your contact preferences.