cPanel File Manager : How to Move a File to a Folder?


File manager is one of the best control panel available to manage your Web Hosting account and you can use File Manager to move any files on your web server. This permits you to move your website files from any device, without having an FTP connection, all you need to do this is an Internet connection and a web browser.

Drag Files in cPanel Using File Manager

A regular task that is constantly mentioned is that a file or folder be moved from one place to another. This transfer of files or folders will be possible using the Cpanel File Manager. The cPanel (control panel) File Manager allows drag and drop. It means you can simple select the files your want to move and drag them to the desired folder or directory you want to move them to.

Step: 1 - First, log in to the Cpanel.
Step: 2 - Now, scroll below until you reach the Cpanel's "FILES" section. Then click on FILE MANAGER. Note: We are not using the LEGACY FILE MANAGER (an older interface available in the Cpanel).
Step: 3 - When the File Manager opens, you will see that files and folders are arranged in two window panes.
Step: 4 - To apply the drag-and-drop method, utilize your mouse and depress the left button (of a two-button mouse) during the mouse pointer is on a file or folder in each of the window panes of the File Manager. Now do not release or loosen the button, then "drag" the mouse pointer to a different location in the file manager where it needs to be placed. On placing the file or folder on the particular location in the Cpanel File Manager, the mouse pointer will be changed into a cross of arrows and there will be text indicating that you're moving 1 file.


Moving files to a Particular folder Using MOVE button


You can also use the MOVE button available on the top of toolbar inside control panel to move a file to particular folder.

There is one more option available to move the files to a particular folder. You can easily use the MOVE tool available in the options menu.

Steps to move a file using menu option:

  • Select the file you wish to move

  • Press the right click of mouse and hit MOVE button

  • Enter the path to the particular folder you wish to move the files, once you are done, hit MOVE Files button.


Once you hit the Move files button, the file or files will display in the new folder.