Create an Email Filter In cPanel


In email filter option to block certain messages based on conditions and also base on from Email id.


What is Email Filter?


An Email filter is a program which is used to detect unwanted email and prevent those messages from getting to a user's inbox in your web hosting account. The spam filter receiving the mail to the spam folder, But the Email filter blocks the mail from the Server itself. It's will not receiving to Inbox or Spam folder.


But how does an email filter work?


In an email filter, a filtering solution is based on your wish you can block mail matching from address, subject body etc..


There are several different types of Email filters available:


Content filters – Here it reviews the content within a message to determine if it is spam or not


Header filters – In here it reviews the email header in search of falsified information


General blacklist filters – It stops all emails that come from a blacklisted file of known spammers


Rules-based filters – Here it uses user-defined criteria – such as specific senders or specific wording in the subject line or body – to block spam


Permission filters – Here it requires anyone sending a message to be pre-approved by the recipient


Challenge-response filters – It requires anyone sending a message to enter a code in order to gain permission to send email


Create a spam email filter

To create a spam filter, perform the following steps:

1. Kindly follow the cPanel >> Home >> Email >> Global Email Filters.


Global email


2. Click the "Create the New Filter" for creating the new email filter.


add filter


3. After that provide the Filter Name as per your Wish, and below column select, the rule want to be set.




4. Her from address blocking any email coming from it's blocked from the server itself.



5. And then select the action as Discard Message and click the create.