Linux Shared - Disk Usage in a cPanel

cPanel disk usage is an efficient way by which you can monitor your accounts that is available and the usage of disk spaces provided by the web hosting provider. This feature will scan the disk to provide a graphical overview of the disk usage. It will display the disk space used by the directories, but it will not show the amount of space that is being consumed by the individual file.

It will also be displaying the information of the disk quota which is used by MySQL Databases, hidden directories as well as emails.

It will help in the management of disk quota, because once you know which type of directory has the largest number of files, you will be able to navigate to that directory by using the file manager and then deleting the unnecessary files.

For accessing this feature, click on the usage link which is on the file section of a cPanel.

A cPanel Disk Manager mainly has two tables. The first in the table will be giving you the information about the disk space that is being used by the subdirectories of home directories and space which is use by other features like MySQL, Mailing list

The second one in the table will display a directory structure which will be having all the subdirectories which includes the hidden one as well. For opening a directory for viewing the space used by the subdirectory.

When you click on the name of the directory it will be taking you to the File Manager. This table will show you the type of directory which has the largest files in it. It will be very helpful when there are many directories in the account.