How to Change cPanel Style?

Is it easy to change the style of the cPanel?

Style changes are edits to the look of your cpanel, like colors, fonts, backgrounds, and spacing. You can make and preview style changes in the Change Style option available in the preference section. It is very easy to change the style of the cpanel.

What do you mean by cPanel Hosting?       

The Linux based control panel for the web that provides a graphical boundary and automatic equipment designed to abridge the procedure of hosting a website is referred as a cPanel Web Hosting. It makes use of a three-layer structure that provides utility for the resellers, administrators, and the end users of the website owner. So that they'll manage the various aspects of the website and administration of the server through a web browser that is standard.

The cPanel Hosting services relies on the GUI interface, but at the same time, it additionally has the line command and API access. It is based mostly in such a way that it permits the software of the third party vendors, developers, and firms to administer the method on the automated standard.

Follow the below steps to change your cpanel style:

Step-1: Login to cpanel
Step-2: Select Change Style option from Preference section

Step-3: On the Change Style page, You can choose a style to customize your cPanel interface:
There are 4 styles available:

You can select any of the styles by clicking on the Apply Button.