How to generate the CSR certificate for particular domain in cPanel?


What is SSL?


SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a standard security technology for organizing an encrypted link between a web hosting server and a web browser in an online communication.

The Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol has always been utilized to encrypt and protect transmitted data.


What is the use of SSL?


Once SSL installed on a website the website's URL is prefixed with "https" instead of normal "http" and a padlock is displayed on the address bar of the browser. If the website uses an EV (extended validation) SSL certificate, then the browser may also display a green address bar.


Why we need SSL?


If we need secure connection for our website so we need to install SSL for website.


One of the major important factors of creating a successful online business is assurance of customers. The of the way to achieve this is by securing your website with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates, making sure that all your customer information, credential, personal data, are communicate safely between your website server and a web browser.


What is CSR(Certificate Signing request)?

A CSR stands (Certificate Signing request) is block of conceal text that is given to a Certificate authorization when applying for an SSL Certificate. It is  generated on the server where the certificate will be installed and contains required information that will be entered in the certificate such as the organization name, common name (domain-name), locality, and country. It also contains the public key.


To generate the CSR certificate for particular domain name you need to follow below steps.


Step 1:  Login to Cpanel.

Step 2:  Once you will login to cpanel click on SSL/TLS option under SECURITY section.


cPanel SSL/TLS


Step 3: After that click on Certificate Signing Requests (CSR).

cPanel SSL/TLS


Step 4: Once you will click on Certificate Signing Requests (CSR), so you have to fill complete details.


cPanel SSL/TLS


Step 5: Once it will be done click on generate.


After that you will get the key for