Import your Email Accounts and Forwarders into cPanel

What do you mean by Address importer in cpanel?

cPanel address importer is utilized to create multiple email address or forwarders in your account. cPanel address importers will support 2 types of data import, Comma-separated value sheet (.csv), or Excel Spreadsheet (.xls). You can additionally use address importer to import email forwarder lists.

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Steps to Import Email Accounts and Forwarders into cPanel:

Step-1: Login to cpanel

Step-2: Click on the Address Importer under the Email section

Address Importer

Step-3: Select the kind of spreadsheet you are going to import, Email Accounts or Forwarders.

address importer email account

Step-4: You have to browse and select your Excel Spreadsheet or CSV file. In case, if you have selected XLS file, then it will only request to treat the first row as the column header, if yes, then select the checkbox. Or if you have selected CSV file, then it will request for the delimiter. In most of the cases, it is a Comma, select the one you have, and Click on Next button.

Address importer choose email files

Step-5: On Import Email Accounts page:

==>Choose the header for each column.

==>Choose the domain name in which you require to create the emails.

==>And click on Next button.

import the Email addresses import the Email password

Address importer step2

Step-6: In the last step, it will show you a review of what is going to be created.

==> Click on finish to Import the Email addresses.

mport the Email addresses