cPanel Images

With this feature in a cPanel, you will be able to manage and modify the images directly through the interface. The images should be uploaded to the vps server account to use this feature. For accessing the cPanel images, you need to click the images link which is found in the files.

This feature includes some of the following tools

Thumbnailer converter in cPanel

This option will create smaller images or the thumbnails of the original image. This is performed by using the images wherever it is required as it would be able to save more bandwidth. For using the thumbnailer converter we need to open the application by clicking on the thumbnailer link from the image section. This will show a dashboard as it is shown below.

  1. Navigation to the desired directory from which you wish to create the thumbnails, for navigation purposes use the folder icon the left side.

  2. Choose the folder from which you wish to create the thumbnails, just by clicking on the name of the folder which is displayed in the middle.

  3. The text inputs enter the percentage by which you would like to shrink the images. You need to keep the aspect ratio so as to maintain the original proportion of the image.

4. Finally, you need to click on the thumbnail images so as to create the thumbnails.

Here the system will be automatically creating the thumbnails into the selected folder here all the files in that particular folder will be converted.

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