Pay cPanel Monthly License in one single payment (new credit system for resellers)

We have implemented a new user friendly system where resellers can make a payment once in a year or in bulk so that every month cPanel license costs are automatically deducted from the credit system.

Problem: Customers are facing difficulty in paying cPanel license invoice every month. Sometimes resellers are busy doing their work and making the monthly payment is tedious work. As per your request, We have implemented the credit system, so that you can make a payment once, It gets deducted automatically every month. 

How to add Credit:

  1. Login to clientarea portal.

  2. Click the menu “cPanel Credit”.

  3. In this page, Using the below form you can add whatever amount you want to add in your credit. And also you can check your current balance credit. Example: If your monthly license payment is Rs. 500, then you can make Rs. 5000 or any amount.

  4. Once you submit the form you will get an invoice page and you can make the payment from it.

  5. Once the payment is done, If there is any outstanding uncleared cPanel license payment pending, It will be deducted automatically.

  6. After making the payment, customers can see their credit history.