Linux - Setting up AutoResponders in cPanel

With the help of email Autoresponder , website owners can configure an email account to send automated email replies. This option can be very helpful if you are going on leave or you are on vacations or you just want to send a generic reply to your website visitors or clients. In this tutorial we will show how to create an Autoresponder in cPanel Web hosting account.

Creating an Autoresponder in cPanel

Step 1. Login to cPanel.


Step 2. Click Autoresponder in Email Section of cPanel.

Step 3
. On this window, your current Autoresponder will display, if you have created any before. Hit Add Autoresponder to create new one.


Step 4. Fill all the required details to create Autoresponder. Here is the detailed information about the option available:




Character Set

By default it will be UTF-8


In this section you can set how many hours to wait prior responding automatically to the email.


This will set down the email id you are setting up the autoresponder for.


You need to enter from email address in this box.


Subject line for Autoresponder email.


Check this box if you are going to use HTML into the body part of your email.


FIll the main Autoresponder message in this box


If you want to send Immediately then choose Immediately otherwise choose custom.


In this box you can choose custom date to stop your autoresponder or set never.


Step 5. Hit the Create/Modify button to save your Autoresponder setting.


You are done once you see a message saying You have successfully created Autoresponder.

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