Creating cPanel Accounts With WHM

One of the best benefits of choosing a reseller hosting package from HostingRaja is that you will be able earn some extra income and at the same time you can have a web hosting account. With a reseller account you can have a full time business. You can add and modify your hosting package under your own business name. When you purchase a reseller plan from us, you might need to modify the account with WHM. Here we will be discussing the step by step process on modifying the account with WHM.

One of the most important features available in WHM is the option to create individual cPanel accounts. This tutorial will explain you how to create cPanel account with WHM.

  • Login to WHM account.
  • In the left side menu under “Account Functions”, click Create New Account button.

On next step, fill all the required details for the new account. Below is the brief overview of the options available:

Domain Information

  • Fill the main domain name of the account, Enter new username, password, retype the same password and then enter the email address for the account.


  • WHM permits its users to create packages, which make it much effortless to manage cPanel accounts.  To give an example, you may have “Unlimited” Package like HostingRaja offers. Inside that package you have the option to set limits such as number of email accounts, SQL databases, Parked Domains, FTP Accounts etc. for the associated domains.


  • User setting you can assign the options such as Dedicated IP, Shell Access, CGI script for the user.

Reseller Settings

  • If you have given the access to create cPanel account, it mean you also have the access to reseller permissions. Choose here if this new use account you're making ought to have WHM access and have the capacity to make accounts themselves.

DNS Settings

  • Under this setting you can choose how the nameservers of the domain name ought to be configured on the web server.  If the nameservers for the specified website domain name are going to some other web server, check the option “Use the nameservers specified at the Domain’s Registrar. (Ignore locally specified nameservers.) “

Mail Routing Settings

  • On this step you need to decide how the server manages email for the particular domain name. There are 4 option available and it is  always recommended to use “Automatically Detect Configuration” if you are not confident about this setting.

Once you have filled all the details given above, click create button at the end of the page.

You will see message stating ”Congratulations, you have just created a new cPanel account!”

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