Where can I Take cPanel Backup?

cPanel control panel is having numerous if amazing features and backup one of the outstanding feature available in cPanel.

This feature authorize site owners to take a compressed copy of all data of website or partial backup of your website.

This option contains the following items :

  • Home directory.

  • MySQL databases.

  • Email forwarder & filter.

In this section you can take partial backup of your site, like you can take separate backup of Home Director, MySQL or Email forwarder and filter, choice is completely yours.

Where you can take your backup totally depends on which kind of backup you are you wish to use.

You can easily access the location to take the backup of website by visiting backups option in files area of cPanel main page.

Website Backups

Once you successfully created backup of your website, you can easily download them in the Home Directory area of your account.

MySQL Database Backups

In section by accessing backup feature you can download backups of databases individually by hitting the database name in the MySQL backup location.