How to create new database on Windows Machine?


Database is an assortment of data used for storing data. Databases are essential in modern web hosting industry, and almost every popular CMS platform needs a database to function. Plesk control panel supports both MySQL and MSSQL databases and also allows website owners to create, remove, modify and manage database users easily in your Windows Dedicated server..

Steps to create a new database in Plesk for Windows Dedicated Server:

  • Login To Plesk control panel using your username and password of your Windows Dedicated hosting account.

  • From the main screen of Plesk panel, locate to databases and click it.



  • Next page click Add Database option.

  • Set a name for the database you are going to create within the Database name field and then choose the database server MSSQL for your Windows Server from the drop-down menu.


Note: A database must need at least one user account connected with it. or else, it will be not possible to manage the database in your Windows based secured dedicated server.  You can also create user for your database while creating a database.

  • Check create a database user option.

  • Type new username in the field of Database user name.

  • Type new password in the field of New password and retype the same password in the next box.

  • If you want this user to access any of your databases, check the option “User has access to all databases within the selected subscription”

  • Click Ok button