Setting up a Remote MySQL Database Connection


What is remote mysql in cPanel?


If you wish to connect to your database using third party software that doesn't run on the server, like MySQL customer on your desktop a remote MySQL connection is often created. You will have to allow the connection from the cPanel for the IP address you are connecting from.


When remote host access is enabled, you'll use remote consumer applications to attach to your databases directly. Enabling direct remote access to your databases could be a potential security risk. As an alternative, safer way in accessing your databases remotely is to tunnel MySQL connections over SSH.


CPanel is essentially a graphical interface on your web hosting account that makes it easier for you to complete tasks using your web browser. You can compare it to the Control panel in Windows. Rather than reminding commands to perform functions on your web hosting account. cPanel  webhosting offers icons with text descriptions to provide you a visible choice to opt for and work with the tasks you would like to perform.


Steps to Connect to the MySQL Database Remote in a cpanel:


Step-1: Login to cpanel

Step-2: Select Remote MySQL option from the Database section



Step-3: Enter remote IP address in the Add Access Host section



Step-4:  Click on the Add Host button



You can then see a message stating that the host IP address was added to the access list.



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