Email limit exceeded for a specific domain


Are you looking forward to getting your business online? Then the best way to get your business online is by having a website. But before having a website you need to choose the right domain name which represents your business or service which you are providing. But choosing the right domain name with the best web hosting for your website then you will get success in the online business. And today if you are using a website for your business then you may come across this issue- Email limit exceeded for a specific domain so in that case you no need to worry about it. And here is the resolution of this issue.

You may get this error, When your domain sends too many emails.

In most of the cases, We have observed that, the website is hacked or website forms are not having captcha or email accounts are hacked.

case 01: Your Email accounts are hacked.

You may have simple user name and password, such as This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and password as sales123.

Then hacker will find out your password using bruteforce method and moreover it is very easy for hacker to break this password.

Once hackers find out the password, they will use this Email ID to send tons of marketing or spam emails to millions of customers.

In this way, Your email ID and also your domain will be blacklisted.

So, It is always suggested to keep very tough password.

Case02: You have form to submit in your Website such as enquiry or contact us forms.

When you dont have a captcha in the form submissions, hackers will try to send millions of Emails using your form.

This will black list your domain.

In both the above cases, you will get this error message.

How can you prevent this problem.

1. Keep secure password for all your email IDs. Make sure that, at least your passwords are 8 characters in length with the combination of letters and numbers

2. Have Google or some captcha for your forms

When you encounter issues like this, you can send mail to our support team. We will help you.

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