Linux - File Manager in cPanel

cPanel File Manager gives the user the useful options so that they can quickly manage the files within a cPanel interface. Its an easy to use interface it removes the hassle of using an FTP in Linux Hosting. You will be able to create, upload and modify or remove the files from this interface. It also provides the feature of moving files to trash before permanently deleting that. This can be discovered later.

To open the file manager, click on the File Manager in the file section.


This will open a new tab and once you are in a File Manager, you will be able to see the dashboard .


A cPanel File Manager gives the user a lot of flexibility for navigation within the files.


Search for a File


To search a File always use the search bar at the top of the File Manager Dashboard. You will be able to search all the files, public_html or current directory, then you need to write the file name in the input box and then click on go to search for a file.


File Manager Settings


To access cPanel File Manager Preferences, you need to click on the settings button from the top of the dashboard.

Working with a File Manager


In a File Manager to create a new file, navigate it to the directory, where the files will be created and then you need to click on the New File from the Dashboard. A promt will open and it will be asking the file name. You need to enter with the extension of the file and the path, here the files will be created.


Uploading a File

To upload a file from the cPanel File Manager, you need to navigate to the directory where you want to upload. Now you can click upload. You will find a new interface.


Viewing a File


This is an option which will help you to view the content of the file types within the cPanel Interface. This will open up a new tab and the content of the file will be shown up to you.