Linux - Logging into the cPanel Dashboard

Here we will learn to login into the cPanel Dashboard. For logging in the dashboard, you will require the login credentials. The information will be sent to you, when you have been signed up for the cPanel hosting account or you might have created during the period of purchase of hosting.

cPanel Dashboard will be accessible by two ports - 2082 for an unsecured connection and 2083 for a secured connection, there are many hosting providers which support an unsecured connection, but it has been recommended that you should be using only the secured connection only.

How to Login to cPanel Dashboard

There are many different ways in finding out the login screen of a cPanel. The best and the most suitable way is to use the IP address of the cPanel, you can also find the cPanel by using the IP address in the address bar:


Once you redirected to the page you will be shown a login screen. The login screen is shown as below

You can now enter in the Username and Password and press the Login button which will redirect you to the Dashboard.