Linux - User Manager in cPanel

This is one of the latest feature that has been introduced in the latest edition of the cPanel. Through this section will have a control on all the users you have in your cPanel with a single interface. This is an interface which will give you an ability to add the new users and associate them with the FTP as well as email account.

Deletion of an Account in a cPanel

Step1 - You have to open the User manager by clicking on the last icon on the sidebar on the left hand side. Once the user manager is open you will be able to see the interface as shown below

Step2 - You will be able to view all the accounts in the cPanel here. This will include the system accounts as well. Accounts which are having the inbox icon colored shows that the account has an access to the FTP account.

Step3 - Find the account which you need to delete and then click on the delete link under the domain name.

To Edit an Account

Step 1 - Select the account which you wish to edit or change the password, from the user manager. Now you need to click on the edit link or change password link under the account. Both of these options will take you to the same interface where you will be able to edit the account.

Step 2 - Now you need to specify the full name of the user. Else you can provide another email id for that account.

Step 3 - Now you need to scroll down the security information, you need to provide a new password in this interface, whether you need to change the password or leave that blank.

Step 4 - Now you need to choose the service you need to enable for that user account from the service interface.

Now you can enable or disable the email, also you can change the quota for the email of that account. You will also be able to enable the FTP for that account, you just need to switch to enable the FTP account.

Step 5 - Now you can click on the save button for saving the settings for that existing user.