Creating and Managing Email Accounts


Each hosting account enables you to build one or more personalized email accounts. The permitted number of accounts is displayed in the left menu of cPanel's home page (along with other information and statistics). An Email Account performs as a virtual address for Email Messages. It's provided by your Email Account provider or Internet Service Provider. It contains details regarding your Username, Email Account provider, Email Settings and password.

You will be able to create your Email using Email Accounts options in Cpanel hosting plans. HostingRaja is the best web hosting provider with Cpanel. It offers Cpanel as a control panel to run your hosting account. In any of the shared hosting plans you purchase from HostingRaja you get Cpanel as your control panel. Our team members will provide the best support for all the Cpanel.


Methods to setup email accounts in Cpanel:

Step-1: Login to Cpanel

Step-2: Select Email accounts from email section



Step-3: On the Add Email Account page, fill the necessary details like:

==>Type your username

==>Generate password

==>Retype your password

==>You can even specify the mailbox quota

==>And click on the Create Account

Your account will be created successfully



Step-4: You will find the Email Account option once your email id is been   registered.

==>Select the particular email id which you want to access

==>In the selected email id you will find More option

==>Click on access webmail



Step-5: Choose a Default Webmail Application


Step-6: Below screenshot will look like your actual email account.



Methods to configure Email account:

Users can configure the Email account in Email clients such as Thunderbird, Outlook, Apple Mail etc. You can either configure the Email client manually or automatically.


Check out the below steps to access:

1) Click on “Connect Devices” option corresponds to the Email account.

2) Click on “Setup Email Client”




Below are the Important fields which you need to fill in, to generate your new account:


1) Email: Need to enter the email address which you want to create. And, you can select only from domains, which are associated with your accounts like the primary domain, addon, and parked domains.


2) Password - Need to select a powerful password for your brand new email account. The password strength box will help you in making it more secure.


3) Mailbox Quota - Select the size of the mailbox. Moreover, different web hosting plans have different size of a mailbox. There will be a note with the given limit above this field.


Once after everything is done, need to press the Create Account button at the end. And within in a few seconds, your brand new email account will be generated.


If you need any assistance in Creating and Managing Email Accounts feel free to contact our technical team members as they are available 24/7 via phone call, email, ticket system or call out toll-free no 1800-123-8642.