Create a Site for Digital Libraries

Libraries have played a very important role in learning for an individual from a very long time. It is said that first library was built almost two thousand years ago. Nowadays digital libraries are playing a crucial role in meeting the needs of teaching as well as learning. There are different types of digital libraries available like a formal library, informal library, and professional learning digital libraries. Digital libraries are a great source which allows the teachers as well as the students in using the information resources which was not accessible in the former days.

Advantages of Digital Library Website
  • Digital library can be called as the starting point of all research and development.
  • Digital libraries are useful for those students who are using distance learning education.
  • It provides an excellent opportunity for individuals for finding the research materials and that too at one place.
  • The access to the information is not dependent on one location. But it can be gathered from different locations.
  • Digital libraries are not dependent on each user type, even if the person has a computer or not.

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