How can I migrate the website to your server?


Planning to migrate your website from your current host to HostingRaja! But don’t know how to do it? Here In this article we will assist you with migrating your website from another hosting provider to HostingRaja. There are few steps you need to follow before migrating your website to HostingRaja.



Buy a New Web Hosting Account

Before you migrate your Dedicated server hosting account from other provider to HostingRaja, you need to purchase dedicated hosting package or any other hosting service based on your website needs from us. You can choose hosting package based on your budget, required server space and server configuration. We provide all types of hosting services including Dedicated server, Cloud hosting, VPS server and shared hosting. In order to buy hosting from HostingRaja, all you need to do is select your desired hosting packages, place your order and make the payment. Once you make the payment, there are few more steps you need to follow before migrating your Website hosting account to us.

Note: Make sure your current hosting account is active at the time of migrating your website from other host to HostingRaja, because you need to take website of your website.

Download or Backup your Website Files

You need to download or backup your website files and data from your current hosting provider to your desktop of PC. It is always recommended to keep multiple backups of your website so that in case of any mishappening you can retrieve your data easily. You can take the backup of your website with the help of Control panel or FTP.



Export your Website Databases

If your website make use of databases such as MySQL or MSSQL then you need to take backup of your databases. Steps for taking backup of your databases vary from one host to another host, so it suggested to contact your previous hosting provider.


Note: You can transfer your website from other provider to HostingRaja for free of cost and once you purchase a web hosting or Dedicated Server hosting account from us, our technical team will take of everything for we will migrate your account and upload your files to your new hosting account.


Upload your Website Data, Files and Import your Databases

Now when you are with the backup of your website and databases, you need to upload your website files and data on your HostingRaja Dedicated web hosting account into your public_html directory using control panel provided by us. If you are facing any issue with uploading your files, feel free to contact our support team.


If you are using any databases in your website, now you need to import those databases into HostingRaja Dedicated hosting account. You can easily do this using control panel provided by us. If you need any help of assistance, feel free to contact us now.


Test your Website

Once you uploaded your website files, data and imported your databases to your new hosting account, you need to test your website thoroughly. You can test your website with the help of IP address of your hosting account such as YOURIP/~username/. Replace YOURIP with the IP address of your hosting account and Username to username of your control panel. To get temporary URL of your website please contact our support team.


Point Your Domain Name

Once you migrate your website including all files, databases to your new hosting account account with HostingRaja, you need to point your domain name from your previous provider to your HostingRaja server. This can be easily done by changing your domain’s nameservers with your current domain name registrar. You can find the nameservers of your hosting account in the we welcome email.

Example of HostingRaja NameServers:



If you are facing any issue in getting your NameServer, feel free to contact our support team via, email, phone, live chat or ticket system. Our support team is available round the clock.

Retest Your Website

Once you update your nameservers, it may take upto 24 hours to reflect new changes. We suggest you to retest your website immediately after changing the nameservers ad then after every 4-6 hours.

HostingRaja support team is available 24/7 and if you need further information with above mentioned steps, feel free get in touch with our support team any time.


Once you feel everything is working correctly, now it is the time to cancel your hosting account with your previous hosting provider.