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Difference Between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords


Platform to place your Ads on Google Search Engine.
Google is undoubtedly the biggest search engine in the world. Most of the people across the nations use Google search engine for searching out anything over the internet. There are other search engines too like Bing but these search engines are far too away from the competition.  Google paid search concentrates on the targeting of keywords, text and images based advertisements. Advertisers using Google Adwords bid on keywords, certain words and key phrases contained in search queries entered by the users of Google, in a way that their advertisements will be shown along with the search results for those particular queries. Every time any Google user will hit the ad, the advertiser running the ads is charges certain amount of amount, therefore it is known as “Pay-per-click. PPC (Pay Per Click) bidding is a little bit complected topic but typically users are paying for the ability to discover new customers based on the search terms and key-phrases they type into Google.

Facebook Ads: Paid Social

Facebook advertisement is the main example of what is acknowledged as Paid Social, or the method of advertising on social networking platforms. Facebook is one of the largest social network in the World, with maximum  monthly active users, Facebook has become an increasingly aggressive and probably booming elements of many online businesses.

However advertising of a business or website on Facebook can be considered as similar to Google paid platform such as Adwords, in that web page or business advertisers utilising both platform are actually promoting and advertising their business on the web, this is the situation where the relevance of these platforms ends. Similar to Google’s paid search, which helps online businesses to discover new customer based on keywords, paid social platform assists online users to discover businesses and products based on their Interests and the ways they behave on the social networks.

Differences between Facebook Ads and Google Adwords

Organic search is still kind and it offers the most value in Search Marketing, but additionally promoting a business via Facebook ads or Google Adwords have tremendous benefits. By doing effective research, planning and execution, as a website or business owner you can get instant benefits from paid search but the biggest question is which one is the suitable platform for you?

There are huge similarities in these two platforms and both are having different benefits and advantages determined by the motive of your business, target market ad the budget for advertisement. SO here we will discuss what is the difference between Facebook ads and Google Adwords?

Advertising Reach

With over 3.5 billion daily searches, which equates to 1.2 trillion searches on yearly basis worldwide. The prospective reach of Google is much higher than Facebook with 2.13 billion monthly active users. So there is more advertising reach if you go with Google Adwords.


Unique Targeting Alternatives

Who is your target audience/market? Is your target market is located in specific area? Both Google Adwords and Facebook paid ads offers separate ways to help you target best suitable audience, expanding the worth of your online marketing endeavours. Google adwords allow you to run advertisements based on location, demographics, languages, keywords, negative keywords and devices whereas in Facebook you can run ads based on Location, demographics, lookalike, behaviours,  interest and custom audiences.

Mobile Advertisements

In this digital World Mobile based browsing is on huge growth and overreaches the PC browsing. Keep this in mind while discovering if Facebook advertisement is ideal option for you then Google Adwords. The 33.84 billion revenue of Facebook ads come from Mobile whereas 61.26 billion revenue of Google adwords comes from Mobile devices.


ROI (Returns of Investment)

ROI is one of the major factor you need to consider while creating any marketing plan. By considering this we should know about the ROI of these 2 marketing platforms. Google Adwords has more average conversion rate whereas Facebook is having lesser than Google. The average CPS (Cost Per Click) of Adwords very in between $0.35 to $5 and the cost per thousand $2.75 and the most expensive keywords of Adwords is business services $58. Whereas in Facebook ads the average cost per click is under $1, the cost per thousand is $0.80 to $1.



For new online business looking for brand awareness with a less budget, Facebook ads would be the best and most suitable option but it wouldn't provide the fastest sales like Google Adwords.

Following is a quick conclusion of the differences between these two amazing advertising platforms: