Linux Hosting - Different Styles in cPanel


There is an option to change the styles and look of the cPanel interface. A cPanel has two major types of interface styles by which you can manage your web hosting service. At first instance the interface can look very standard but it can be modified by the server administrator or by the reseller account admin to change the logo, icons etc.


The modification process in cPanel Style


  1. In the dashboard home you need to click the username which is written just over the right corner of the dashboard.


2. By clicking the change style option you will be able to find the change style option.


3. You can now choose any style option from the styles available. Now you have to click the apply button which can be found at the top to load a new type of style.


4. cPanel will be automatically reloading to apply the new settings and you will be finding the new interface according to the one you have selected.