Does it include hosting during the time of domain name registration renewal?

No, Domain registration doesn’t include renewal hosting. As it domain registration is register for a particular period may be one year than you should renew it with the domain registration company with whom you have register your domain.

It really depends on where you are buying a domain provider name. Here in HostingRaja, we provide free domain name when you buy hosting from us.

A domain name is the URL or address of a website, every domain name is different, novel and apportions to whoever registers them on the premise of first-come-first-serve.

Same way for hosting also you should renew your domain when from whom you have buy hosting. But if you buy both from the same company you can renew it on your renewing date. 

Domain name is your a process of registering a domain name which identifies one or more IP addresses with a name that is easier to remember and use in URLs to identify particular Web pages. 

Choosing an easy and unique name is truly imperative and this is the first thing which will create and image in the customer's mind, and also the primary thing your clients will see, and Ideally the URL that they will save money on their bookmark or enter more than once. It is very simple for you to commit a mistake while select a domain for website and it could at last explode your business.

Enrolling your domain name the correct way can have a major effect to the general execution of the site. You can consider these do's and don't which are given below while choosing cheap domain name: 

Why Domain Name Renewal is Important?

Domain names need to renew because that there is a restriction of quite a due because of which you can't purchase a domain name for a lifetime. Because of this, you should renew your domain at every year when they lapse.

At the point when your domain expires, your domain will never again to correct your substance and you won't get any messages and emails or any services related to the domain. Here in HostingRaja, we hold for a month to enable you to renew your domain before it terminates.

It relies on your plan what you have chosen at time of registering of the domain name possibly you chose both arrangement (domain and hosting) and a single plan.


Manage Domain Name and Hosting

On the off chance that you don't renew your service yet at the same time you choose to proceed with your domain name, you may keep to renew and manage your domain directly.

On the off chance that you have obtained a domain and cheap web hosting india from the same company then it will be simple for you to keep up your account and furthermore you can renew your the two accounts easily.

So it is clear that domain registration and hosting are both diverse terms. Consequently on the off chance that you are paying for domain registration, at that point hosting is excluded.


Do Register your business as the as the owner of the domain name

Do not make mistake and check and check and ensure the owner of the domain name in case of third-party registration. It is basically to guarantee that you are the owner of the domain and the essential managerial contact. Consider your site as a bit of property which if you don’t own it you can’t sell it. This mistake happens with most of the people. You should always recheck your domain name registration that is it register in your name or not.

You can also add your location and keyword in the domain

If your business is based largely on geographic region you can also add your locations in your domain name. If it is feasible you can also add important keywords to the domain name. This will be good for your website organically ranking.

The domain name should be helpful to judge you business

Your domain name should be able you explain what website or business you are running. It is important because the customers should also get and idea about your website with the name. You should choose or create the domain name which is easy and unique. So, that all the people can easily remember and it is easy to search it on google.

Domain name elaboration

Choose .com which is more popular and good for Top Level Domain (TLD) expansion. It is used by many people across the world. You can also use .in, .org, .net, .tv and many more. But you are running an Indian website or want more Indian customers on your website than go for .in domain name.


Try not to use numbers, dashes, shortened forms

Replace condensing and think of an infectious name that does equity to your business, and all the more critically, is less demanding to recall. Don’t use difficult name or common names which is difficult to remember by the customers who is looking for you.

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