Does my website Need https?

Yes... your website needs "HTTPS"

So what is HTTPS?

When you enter a  domain name and click on enter- in the address bar of your web browser you will see a padlock where it is written secure, which means that the data that you are sending to or receiving from that website is encrypted.

In my website, I don't have any forms or collect information from my users, so in this do my website need to have HTTPS?

Even if there is no collective information or forms for your users it doesn't matter. Because HTTPS protects your website not only from forms or collects information but it keeps your URLs, headers and your website contents pages more confidential

Even if there is no any sensitive data or information on my website still my site need https?

Yes! Because sometimes your website will victim for some security breach. And the reason behind it is that your website will go through a lot of connections and who knows if anyone injects some unwanted scripts, images, files or ad content on your web pages. But if your website has HTTPS then you no need to worry about it because it prevents all of it and makes your website more secured with better ability to detect tampering.

My customers can submit the forms over HTTPS but my website is HTTP!

Then your website is more liable for attacks. Because when some breach your website they have to change the link or the form action to a URL on for their server. Thus there is no any other way to identify from where there is a security breach because it happens over the wire with plain HTTP.  The only solution for this is- you need to encrypt your entire website from HTTP to HTTPS.

I heard that having or purchasing SSL certificate is costly!

Nope, it's absolutely free. Yes if you buy our Cloud, dedicated or VPS server it will be given to you for free of cost!

I also heard that if anyone wants to use it is quite difficult to set up and maintain!

Actually, the answer for this is no! It is not at all difficult to maintain nor to set it up. Because it just work as a small container in your web server. Moreover to set it up you no need to have special knowledge you can call our support team and they will install for you. And you can also easily maintain it.

Is there any possibility that hackers can still access my website even after changing from HTTP to HTTPS?

Hacker can try to hack your website as long as your private key stays secret. Because when someone tries to hack your website it will show the warning message that there is mismatched or invalid TLS certificate. Sometime the browser will mark that page as insecure or unsafe when the hackers don't use the HTTPS at all and in this way, it ends HTTPS authenticity.  

I'm using Domain-validated (DV) certificates is it not secure?

Yes, they are secure, see there is a different type of SSL certificates one which for free but with less security features, second is paid or provided with any server plan which is secured with better security features. So always you need to choose a competent certificate authority so that you won't lose control over your DNS. Moreover, there is no much difference with the cryptography in a DV certificate when it is compared to an extended validation (EV) certificate.

Moving from HTTP to HTTPS will it affect my google ranking?

Actually using SSL certificate or securing your website will help you to rank better in search engines. Because as per the latest announcement from Google HTTPS is a ranking factor in their search algorithm. Moreover having an HTTPS website indicates that your site can serve as a tie breaker between two sites offering similar information.  

If I use HTTPS for my website will it hide the DNS lookup?

Nope, not at all!! Because DNS = HTTP so this is one of the solid reason not to encrypt the connection between your website and its visitors.

Is HTTPS website load slow?

Absolute no. Because websites which are using latest and upgraded servers will load faster over HTTPS than HTTP because it uses HTTP/2.

Recently we started running ads but those ads are displayed over HTTP!

It not an issue but still your website need to be in HTTPS because Changing to HTTPS with advertisements still over HTTP will cause blended substance alerts in programs, so you better make sense of an adorable approach to wiggle out of that promotion distributing contract that looked extremely alluring when you initially marked it, or move your advertisement system to move to HTTPS before you do.

Can I still serve my website on both HTTP and HTTPS?

Yes, and the only reason behind it is that you should open it in port 80 on your server where it will redirects all requests to another port number 443 and at last connection will be closed on port 80.

Using HTTPS will it impact my SEO strategy?

No! But by using HTTPS can improve your SEO strategy. All you need to do is that you need to switch it properly according to the search engine that you are about optimizing.

In my website I don’t handle credit cards, why is it important to me?

It doesn't matter! Using SSL certificate it will secure your website entirely and all the important personal information about your users and your data will be encrypted end to end.

Safekeeping users data come under browsers right, so why should I move to HTTPS?

Yes, you are right, but browser alone do this job. Because in browsers they can only keep users safe that only if servers provide the credential through an HTTPS certificate. So being a website owner, it's your duty to provide these credentials for your clients.


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So how to get on HTTPS and whats next?

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