Disk Overused Issue

Disk space issues are very common in Shared based cPanel accounts and servers, Because of the account users consumes the entire disk space which is allocated for the particular account. It can be due to the number of files uploaded on the server, database and the emails available on the server, apart from this also the log files fills up or the backup consumes the maximum disk usage.


How can we prevent Disk Overused Issue from control panel.

This is the important question asked by every client, how we can prevent the disk overused problem. cPanel provides us the access to keep track of the amount of disk space of the hosting account is using. If you're getting close to your limits which have been assigned to you or you think you may want to remove the older data to free up some additional space, then you can have a look at cPanel's Disk Space Usage feature from the home screen, which will give an idea on which directory is occupying the max space. You can click on the name of the directory which you want to access in Cpanel File Manager where you can add/remove or edit files as needed.

To monitor your account disk space usage, navigate to the STATISTICS tab and here you will find "Disk Usage" row. There is given the actual Disk Usage of your account occupied.


As the problem itself gives the solution, means we will have to remove the unwanted files if there are any on the server, remove the files from the Trash folder, as after deleting the files from the server it gets stored in the Trash directory.

There are logs and Error_log files which regularly keep on generating on the server, which has to be removed to avoid the disk overused issue. Apart from this if there are any backup is generated for the account, then it has to be downloaded on the local machine and removed from the server, as the backup files occupy high disk space.

How to resolve Disk Overused Issue.

Normally we have to perform the above-provided steps to avoid the issue, However, if there are no unwanted files or logs on the server and still its consuming occupying high Disk space, then one has to contact the Hosting provider and ask to increase the Disk Quota for the particular account else the account has to be upgraded to the higher plan.

Basic Information To Be Known

When purchasing a Shard server, users must be aware that there will be a limited amount of disk space on the server, Hence, active monitoring of the disk usage and regularly clearing up the unwanted data from the server is necessary to ensure the server’s health and stability.