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Loading time of your website is very important and we have written about it in great details in this URL, please check it.

In HostingRaja we recommend possible solutions to improve the loading time of our client's website.

Clients can migrate to VPS or Cloud or Dedicated server of HostingRaja as we use the optimized control panel to improve the loading time of our client's website or you can also contact our technical team they will help you in bringing down the loading time. If in case you are using VPS or Cloud or Dedicated solution from HostingRaja then we suggest upgrading the RAM, CPU, and bandwidth. Even after using higher configuration if your website is loading slow then you need to contact your web developer for further assistance.

Below are the possible reasons for a slow loading website:


Too Many Images in top banner and too many images on any page


Over-enthusiastic business owners or web developers keep too many images on the home page to impress the visitors. If you are having too many images on your website ensure that the images are very well optimized and it is less than 200kb. If you are using any top banner then be sure that you have only 3 or 4 images on the top banner having more than 3 images on the top banner will increase or loading time. We have seen in some scenarios where customers have more than 10 images in the top sliding banner.

If you are having too many images on your website try to reduce the number of images loaded or reduce the size of the icons and images. If you are using too many small images ensure that each image is less than 25 KB in size.

Another common reason for slow loading of the website is that too many CSS and JS files

The reason why some websites are having too many CSS and JS files is that these websites are created using any open source or any template or themes available from the Internet.  These themes and templates generally have more than 4 or 5 CSS in the home page, when you have more than 4 or 5 CSS or JS in your website or any particular page, you are loading time will certainly increase. In shared hosting, you find out how many CSS / JS files are in your website, if you have more than 5 CSS or JS files put together then obviously your loading time will increase contact your web developer and ask them to reduce the number of CSS JS within 5 to 6.

Too many plugins and add-on (Common Problem in WordPress and Joomla)

This problem is very common in WordPress and Joomla open source CMS. Website administrator browses through Add-ons and Plugins directories of any open source CMS when they see lots of plugins and Add-ons available for free they simply keep adding plugins to the website. When you had too many plugins to your website the loading will certainly increase.

When your website is loaded or any page is loaded each and every plugin installed on your WordPress or Joomla website will be invoked by the Apache. To put it in simple words for every plugin you have installed, the loading time of your website will increase by 2 seconds. So try to avoid installing unnecessary many plugins on your website.

Absence of a CDN:

A CDN or content circulation network is an appropriated organization of free workers situated in various geographic areas. They are utilized to serve web content to site guests with expanded accessibility, permeability, and execution. The second mark of this article clarifies why worker area matters for page load speed. A CDN distributes neighborhood workers to a site. This implies that it gives the site a US worker for its US guests and a Danish worker for Danish guests. This limits the full circle time (RTT) of the web content and loads website pages a lot quicker.


Reduce the number of images used on your website

For some unknown reasons, customers or website owners or website administrator are obsessed to have too many images in the website, certainly having too many images in your website will not increase the revenue or the profit for your website. If having too many images will help to increase the review of any website then everybody will have hundreds of images. So it is a wrong notion to assume that having too many images will help your website.

Database problem

Problem-related to a database which might lead to slow loading of websites for example if the developer doesn't use optimized MySQL query then it will increase the loading time of your website. So you can study on Google about how to optimize MySQL query that will give you enough information. For example, in my SQL server, there is a slow query option is there when you enable slow query option you can know what are the queries are taking more time to execute, find out those slow queries and then optimize it so that your website can go faster.

Whenever you are using select query you have to use select query always with the limit count for example If you want to select a record of matching certain name then you have to write a select query like select only the necessary field from the table where the name is equal to this name and limit is 1 when you use limit in your SQL Query execution will be faster.

Too many Apache connections

Every apache server running in any server will always have a limitation on the number of connections it can accept, for example at any given point of time Apache will serve 250 or 500 or 1024 connections at a given point of time. So if your website is under DDOS attack or denial of service attack or slows attack then all the HTTP connections of your Web server will be utilised by the attacking parties so your website server will not have the option to serve your customer this will give you impression that your website is loading slow you can find out whether your website is under attack or not by using netstat command available in Linux

Bandwidth limitation applied by hosting provider


Just check with your website provider or hosting provider whether any bandwidth limitation is applied for your hosting or not. If they have applied any limitation on your bandwidth talk to them and upgrade your hosting plan as necessary.

Compressing JS and CSS files


Nowadays due to the complex requirement of websites, web developers use very lengthy CSS and JS documents. About 5 to 10 years before the CSS and JS files used to be less than 1 kb in size and nowadays complex JavaScript frameworks such as JQuery, Node JS, and Angular JS, these JavaScript frameworks are huge in size. If the JS file size is more than 2 KB then loading of this JS and CSS files will take more time by the browser, generally, CSS and JS files are added in the header section of the Unique HTML. A browser will try to load all the files mentioned in the header section and this adds a delay in rendering the browser content.

Use plugins available for Cache purpose


Use plugins available for Cache purpose most of the modern content management systems like Wordpress and Joomla comes with a bundle of cache plugin make use of them to give better performance

Go with Virtual Machine from HostingRaja or Cloud HostingRaja from HostingRaja


Go with powerful servers such as HostingRaja cloud or HostingRaja VPS, if you are in shared server then there are certain limitations are applied such as RAM and CPU usage by upgrading to VPS and cloud VM you will have access to more resources to load your outside faster.

Poor coding practice


Myself being a programmer for the last 15 years I have seen most of the website Optimisation problem is due to poor coding practice.

Remove the dead source code


Remove the dead source code which is not required in your website it can help you to speed up your website

Use, less content in the header section of the HTML page


Use, less content on your website mainly within the header section of the HTML page, having more content in header section will lead to slow loading of your website

Avoid too many external backlinks


Avoid too many backlinks to an external website, having too many external links to a website like Facebook, Twitter or external feeds or RSS in your website will slow down your website loading time

Avg.Load of your server


If the average loading time of your website is higher than 5 to 10,  you'll have slow loading websites. In Linux using the top command, you can find out what is the average load of your website. If the average load of your website is more than 20 or 10 then you have to either upgrade the resources required for your website or have a Load Balancer or have multiple instances to serve your request.

How to test the loading time of the website?

There is a very popular misunderstanding of checking the loading time of the website. Many use Pingdom tools or other online tools to test the loading time of the website. These tools are very good tools to check the loading time of the website, but the ONLY problem with this kind of tools are, they are located in other countries such as USA, Canada or Europe.
When you test your website which is hosted in Indian Datacenter with this tools, you will find more loading time due to network latency (time taken for your data to transfer between Indian DC to this tools).
So, you should select the tools which are located in the same geographical regions to testing purpose. Suppose if your website is located in the Indian datacenter, then you have to use the website/tools which is from India. (this way, you will get more accurate speed and results)
The most accurate way to test your website is using the page load time plugin,
Important: When you test using these tools, you should have enough bandwidth to measure your site loading speed. Assume, If you have 1 Mbps speed in your computer, then the server can send data to you only maximum 1 Mbps speed. So, you should have at least 3 to 5 Mbps speed to test it correctly.
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