If the website you are searching is not opening or you are having the problem to visit the website then the possible problem could be from the server end or the system you are using. The website is not reachable when server experiences downtime apart from this also there could be possibility of website been blocked due to some of the unauthorized events conducted at the website end. However there is a solution for every issue.
If your website is not opening or having problem when visiting your website using browser. There can be multiple reasons, Such as
1. Ensure that, Your network is working fine. You can open websites like google.com or http://www.hostingraja.in to check your internet connection.

2. If your network is fine and If your website is not working fine, then there could be a network problem. Then we need the following report from your computer to know what is the problem.
Please send us the ping report and trace route report.
How to take ping report, Please refer the link below.
How to take the trace route report, please refer the link below.

Please send the above reports to support desk. We will check it & update you.
Note: We sometimes have issues with BSNL network.