Frequently asked questions regarding backup in HR panel for Linux Virtual Machine


  1. What are the different types of backups available in Linux VPS.?

          A.There are 4 different types of backups available in VPS Linux Hosting server.

            Those are


            Full Backup -

            Includes home, email and database files.


            Home Directory Backup -

            Includes home directory files.


            MySQL backup -

            Includes MySQL database data.


            Email backup -

            Includes the complete data of all your mailboxes.


     2. How to take the backup at HR panel.?


     A. In HR panel there is a dedicated module to provide the backup functionality.        

       You can take the backup of all the above-mentioned type with just a Simple click.


    3. How long does it take to backup the data?

     A.It depends on the size of the data on your server.

    4. Where the created backup files store.?

     A. The backups are stored in the folder named your username in the root. If you are on a reseller plan you can    
          ask your admin to make it accessible to

    5. How to download the backup files from the server.?

    A. You can download the backup files from the FTP details from any of the third-party applications.


    6. What is the difference between backup and backup wizard in HR panel.?  

    A. With backup wizard, you can download the different types of backup whereas in backup

        you can schedule the automatic backup

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