Linux Hosting - cPanel FTP Sessions

The cPanel FTP Session interface will show the current users, which will be logged into the website through FTP. This type of interface is helpful as it helps you to terminate the unwanted connections with just one click. For accessing this feature you need to click the FTP sessions link from the files section of the cPanel.

This will be opening an interface which will be showing the current users who are logged in the website. If no users have been logged in it will be displaying the message that no users have logged in.

Termination of an FTP Connection

If you are thinking that any of the user is not performing any activity and it is in the IDLE mode for a longer period of time, or if the user is being uploading a very large file, or has been doing something malicious, you will be able to terminate the connections by clicking on the disconnect button from the actions. The following prompt will be shown to you.

Now you can click on the Disconnected “User”, and users FTP connection will be terminated instantly.

Hope you have understood the FTP connections in detail. You can choose the best package from the VPS server, Dedicated server, and cloud server according to your needs.