How to use FTP in linux shared platform

An FTP allows the user to manage the files with the third part applications like FileZilla, CoreFTP, etc. When the number of files or the size of the file is large FTP file manager is the best option. An FTP account will configure the users who are willing to upload, download or modifying the files through an FTP. Each FTP user has its own username as well the home directory, only that user director will be having an access to.

For creation of an FTP account, some of the steps are as follows:

1. For opening of the FTP accounts feature you need to click on the FTP accounts which is under the file section.

Once you see that the FTP account feature is opened you will be able to see that screen as it is shown below

2. Now you have to enter the name of the new user, that will be the persons username, you need to provide a strong password for the name.

3. Now you can enter the directory of the new user, you can also leave that pre filled directory name according to the user.

4. Now you need to provide the FTP quota, you can either provide unlimited quota or use some other value in megabytes.

5. Now you can click on the FTP account and your FTP account will be created.

Configuring the FTP Client

For the configuration of FTP client, you can download any of the pre-built configuration file by clicking on the Configure the FTP account.

These FTP accounts are prebuilt with hosting account and this cannot be deleted, these are the ones that are used for administrative purposes.

InĀ Linux cPanel User Manager you can easily make any changes or add any user or delete your account in your cPanel. User manager is an interface where you will be able to add a new user and also associate them with the FTP as well as an email account.