Secondary FTP user login failure in my Virtual Machine


For those who were using a shared hosting solution for their website and now if you are facing issue with the resources then moving your hosting to VPS is one of the best ways where you get more and better hosting resources with dedicated features. One of the best part of using VPS is that you will be provided with dedicated hosting resources. Moreover, you will be provided with root access to your server. So with the help of that, you can easily manage and handle your website.

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So today if you are already using a website and web hosting services for your business and now if you are looking for information on login failure for a Secondary FTP user in VPS server then here is the complete information. Yes when you open your FTP to your domain with the help of secondary account sometimes you may receive this error "

530 Login or Password Incorrect (Logon failure: unknown user name or bad password).  Login failed." The cause of this issue is because the domain's secondary FTP user account is disabled in Windows or it may have invalid passwords.



Follow the below steps to resolve the Secondary FTP user login failure in VPS server:


--->>> One of the basic solutions is that you need to change the password on the account that you are trying to use. Click here for information on changing the existing FTP account username or password.


Still, if you are facing the same issue follow the below steps:


1. Log into your VPS server using RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol)


2. Next click on start then click on Administrative Tools and in there click on Computer Manager


3. Now go to local User and computers


4. Now click on users


5. In here you need to select the user account in which you are facing the problem. Right-click and select Properties


6. Uncheck Account Disabled


7. Once done click on Ok and test the account


8. Repeat the first steps solution if still issue endures