How can I enable FastCGI in my Windows?

Using a dedicated server for your website gives you more freedom of handling your website as per your requirements. Not only that dedicated host also have the capacity to handle high web traffic. And when you buy a dedicated server for your website you will be provided with an entire server and also with the root access to it. So by having the root access to your server, you have the full control over your server. Which means that you can install and run any application of your own on your server. And today in server hosting you can also with Windows operating system. Which means that you have the better features and advantages to run Microsoft applications.

So today if you are using Windows hosting server for your website and if you are looking for information how to enable FastCGI in your dedicated, then here is the complete solution. And today if you are looking to the performance of your websites significantly then use PHP as FastCGI. By using FastCGI your will run up to six times faster than running PHP as an Apache module. Not only that running PHP as FastCGI it allow PHP to run as your domain/FTP user rather than as the Apache user.

Follow the below solution to enable FastCGI in your Windows server:

>> Log into your Plesk panel

>> Go to Domains and choose the domain on which you would like to enable FastCGI

>> Click on PHP Settings

>> Now you will see "PHP support (PHP version , ---- run PHP as" option.

>> Choose the FastCGI application

>> Click on Apply and then click on Ok