How to Access Mongo Admin in HR Panel?

MongoDB is the open-source DBMS (Database Management System). It makes use of the document-oriented database model which is capable of supporting numerous types of data. MongoDB is one of the numerous non-relational database management systems started during 2000 in the NoSQL banner for using the huge data applications and different processing operations which consists of the data that doesn't match with the rigid relational model. In case of utilizing the tables and rows in the relational databases, the MongoDB structure is designed with the documents and collections.

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MongoDB is a useful NoSQL database used by some of the biggest companies in the globe. It is also used by large data and open source applications for working with huge amounts of NoSQL data. MongoDB can be successfully used for social media and mobile applications for resolving all kinds of browsing information which will be in the unstructured format. Because of some important features of  MongoDB, it provides the enterprises to resolve all the unstructured data. MongoDB do not have any type of systems to create a database, as it automatically creates the database while saving the values into the defined collection for the first time.

Steps to access Mongo Admin in HR Panel:

Step-1: Frist log in to the HR panel and go to the database section.

Step-2:  Click on the Mongo Admin option.

Step-3: And now click on the launch Mongo Admin.

Step-4: Now you need to enter the username, password, database name and click on the login button.

Step-5: And now the MongoDB will be available for utilizing.

This is the video tutorial on accessing the mongo admin in HR Panel:

Some of the features of using MongoDB:

1) MongoDB Supports ad-hoc queries and Master-slave replication.

2) Because of sharding MongoDB consists of automatic load balancing characteristic.

3) Any part of the field within the document can be indexed.

4) MongoDB has the capability of supporting MapReduce and aggregation tools.

5) A database can run on numerous servers and it is duplicated to foolproof the system during the time of hardware crash.

6) The MongoDB JavaScript combination performs great as the database makes use of the language rather than procedures.

7) Very simple to administer during the time of failures and without confusing the stack any sizes of files can be stored.