How to add domain in HR panel


When you wish to add a domain you can add it in two ways


  • With a new client account in HR panel


  • As  as an addon domain for the existing client


The steps to add the domain with the ways is as described below.


  1. WIth a new client account in HR panel


  • Login to HR panel.

  • Click on create new account. 

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  • In the field provided add your domain name along with the other required details.

  • Click on create.

  • A new account will be created with the control panel.

 2.  As a Addon domain for the existing client.


  • Login to the clients control panel in HR panel.

  • Click on addon domain under domain section.

  • Add your domain name the field provided.

  • Click on create.

The above mentioned two procedures can be used to add the domains in the control panel.