How to Build a Cloud Instance with Custom Templates

HostingRaja Cloud server hosting offers broad variety of Templates for building  your own Cloud Server with several mixtures of operating systems and operations. Although if you want to build a Cloud server with specific operating system and different software configurations, which is not contained in those provided by Hostingraja, you can easily build your own Cloud server with custom templates.

It is conceivable to utilize this function for instance to make a Cloud Server that is indistinguishable to a physical or virtual Server, by transferring the picture of the disk, or to make a Cloud Server without Operating System install it later from the Virtual CD or DVD.

Before you start building a Cloud server based on custom templates you have to follow the steps for building custom templates.

Following are the situation in which utilizing custom templates can be very useful:

  • Building a Cloud Web Server from a physical server

  • Building a Cloud Web Server from a virtual server

  • Building a Cloud Server Solution from any other Cloud Server account that is already active on HostingRaja Cloud Computing.

  • Building a Cloud Server from a Template provided by any other service provider.

  • Building a Cloud Server without any kind of OS (Operating System) so you can then install it afterwards utilizing the virtual CD or DVD.


To build a custom Cloud Server using a custom template/operating system proceed as follows:

  • At the time of building a Cloud Server, and selecting the Template or Operating System, hit "Import from FTP


  • Hit the Activate button

This will enable you to select the Operating System at this phase.

  • At that point when you are asked to show the size from the primary disk tap on "Connect disk".

  • A screen will appear recording the disk images available in the FTP section and already uploaded.

From the available list, choose the image file you wish to upload in the virtual disk ensuring that it is bootable disk, or else once built the Cloud server will not work.

AFter finishing the procedure a Cloud web server will be designed based on the chosen custom Template/operating system.

Note: Keep in mind that the new Cloud Servers built using personal template will not be allocated with any new IP address, you accordingly will require to configure it from the recovery console.

Facing any difficulty! Feel free to contact our support experts available 24/7 via email, toll-free, live chat or ticket system.