How to Clone New Server?

Cloning means Duplicating, same things go with Cloning a Cloud server. In terms of server it means creating an identical copy of the original hardware and software attributes. Below are the instructions to clone a New Cloud Server.

Create disk image:

  • Go to the Manage section which can be obtained by hitting the "Manage" tab.

  • Choose the Cloud Web Server that you want to clone and hit the "Manage" tab.

  • Turn off the Cloud Server utilizing the "Shut Down" option

  • Look down the Cloud Server outline page up to the Virtual Disks segment and tap on Export identifying with the disk you need to export. A window will open showing the name of the image being made and its position, inside the FTP area. You won't have the capacity to turn the Cloud Server on until the point that the image has been made; the time required to send out it relies upon the size of the disk.

  • Once the process is completed you will discover the exported disk image in the FTP area /Export folder.

Building a Cloud Server with custom template/operating system:

  • At the time of creating a cloud server and selecting the OS, hit personal template.

  • Hit the “Activate" button.

This will enable you to keep away from selecting a Template for the new Cloud web Server.

  • At that point when you are solicited to demonstrate the size from the primary hard disk tap on "Connect disk".

  • A screen will open with a list of the earlier time uploaded disk images available in the FTP area.

  • Choose the image file that you wish to upload to the virtual disk. To finish the procedure effectively, and so that your cloud web server can start properly, the chosen image file should be a boot disk with OS previously installed.

At last a Cloud Server will be built using custom template and OS, a duplicate copy of the original one.

The brand new Cloud server will be similar to the original web server therefore to make it approachable through the network you will have to change the IP address configured on the web server. Consequently you will have to buy an IP address, obtain one of the 2 cloud server through the recovery console and physically alter the IP address.