Filezilla is a FTP program to allow you to transfer files from your local computer to remote server.


  • Open the Filezilla program
  • Enter Host:
  • User : Your FTP username
  • Password : Your FTP password
  • Port : 22 / 21 / 23
  • Now, click on “Quickconnect”

Once connected, the left hand window will show your local system and right hand window will show the remote system.

In order to transfer a file from local system (left window) to remote server (right window), please right click on it and choose the option “Upload”. On successful transfer, the file will get displayed on right hand side window. [Similarly, folder can be transferred]

Same steps need to be repeated for downloading a file from remote server (right window) to local system (left window) .

Few popular FTP clients:


Fetch (Mac):