How to create an SPF record for your domain?

So today if you are using a hosting based on a dedicated host then you might know the importance of it and also the benefits that you get from using a dedicated host for your website. So we would like to share some information about the using a server which will help your business to grow better. One of the biggest advantages that you get from using server is that you get more resources when compared to shared hosting environments and you will not be sharing these resources with any other websites or business. Not only that today most of the business is moving towards server and the reason behind it is that it provides better security.

And today if you are dedicated server hosting for your website and if you are looking for information on how to create an SPF record for your domain in a server then here is the complete solution. So what is SPF? It stands for Sender Policy Framework which is a method of fighting against the spam. And an SPF record is a TXT record which is part of a domain's DNS zone file. So the TXT record specifies a list of authorized hostnames/IP addresses that mail can originate from a given domain name. Hence once these entries are placed within the DNS zone, no further configuration is necessary to take advantage of servers that incorporate SPF checking into their anti-spam systems.

Here are the steps to follow to create an SPF record for your domain in a server:

>>> Before that, you need to update the name server. So here is the name server of HostingRaja-

>>> And to stop the spam from the email you need to add this command in your SSH

v=spf1 a mx -all

In cPanel

>> Log into your cPanel

>> Go to Email

>> Click on Authentication

>> There you will find  SPF

>> Click on enable if it is disable and

>> Click on Update