How to install WordPress on HR panel using site manager

In today's technology world, everyone wants to have more business and also want to get more customers across the world. And if you are thinking in the same way then here is the best way where you can get connected to the people around the world and also expect more business is by doing a domain registration and getting your website ready. Yes today a lot of people are using internet services, and today if you have a website then you can easily get connected to the people across the world and you can also showcase your business products and services to them.

And today most of the websites are build through Wordpress, the reason behind it is that in WordPress you can easily build your own website without any programming language. And here at HostingRaja, we provide best in class HR panel to manage your website. And today, if you are looking for information on How to install WordPress on HR panel using site manager then here, is the complete information with easy step. 

The HR panel designed by HostingRaja brings you the easiest way to install WordPress on your website hosting. The installation steps are made completely free from the complex commands and you will need to deal with everything on the front end only.

Before you proceed to install the WordPress you will need to perform certain actions.

Creating the database.

Login into HR panel and click on MySQL database(for example) and create a new database. Creating the new database is a simple two steps process and you will have the link to know about it on the same page.

Creating the MySQL user

Create the MySQL user for the database you have already created. To do this click on MySQL users and select the database from the drop-down menu and enter the username. And click on save. The password for the same user will be notified on the page.

Note the database name, database user and password with you which you are going to put it in the installation process.

the WordPress

Installing the WordPress is just a simple one-step process.

Click on site software and select WordPress by clicking on install button following to that. Complete the process and in the meanwhile, it will ask for the database, username, and password.

Enter the same and set your domain access username and password.

Your WordPress site is now ready to launch.

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