How to Navigate to the Softaculous Toolbar

The toolbar which is at the top right corner has different options which will help in navigating as well as managing the software through the Softaculous in the hosting account. Here the main navigation button is at the upper right of the window.

Here is the summary of each type of navigation option:

“You can Go to the Control Panel” which will be returning you to the cPanel Home.

Here Softaculous Home in website hosting will be bringing you back to the home screen of the Softaculous itself.

Here in the “Script Demos” will be allowing you in testing some of the applications which is available through the Softaculous. They will be running in the browser and it will not require in downloading and installing anything.

The “Script Ratings” will display the reviews, screenshots and more for the software which is available through the Softaculous. This will help in deciding the script will work best for your needs in the hosting account.

Here “All Installations” will let you see as well as manage the scripts that you have installed to the account. This is one of the most useful screens as you will be able to modify, update as well as removing the installations through this tool.

From the page you need to

Remove/Delete the Installations (),

You will be able to run a backup on the installations()

You need to edit the existing installation details (). Here you will be able to modify the main directory where an installation will be residing, you need to modify the site URL and then update the database information for the installation process.

Then you need to edit the settings this will be helping you in editing the overall softaculous settings, this could be language and the time zones which needs to be displayed.

Backups and Restore will help you in the procedure of current backups that you are having of the scripts.

From the backups screen you will be able to:

Download backups

Restoring the backup over the existing install

Or deleting the backup

“Email Settings” is useful for adjusting how and when the Softaculous will keep you updated. Here by default it will be send to an email server whenever there has been a new install or when the software has been deleted.

You will be receiving the emails when the updates are available for the existing installs. By this you will be able to configure the address those messages which are sent to, and this notification which you would like to receive from the tool.


Synchronization with other Auto Installers

Here one can find the previous existing installs that could have been imported from other automatic install tools. In this case the Softaculous is able to find the existing installs and then import them in managing from the same location.

The Help and Support is the final navigation button it is able to list a few Frequently Asked Question as well as the associated answers. This is the document that will be covering a variety of them.