How to Redirect Website from HTTP to HTTPs using HostingRaja chatbot?

First, let us understand what is HTTP and HTTPS:

What is HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol)?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is an application protocol used for collaborating, distributing, hypermedia information systems. HTTP is a base of data communication for the WWW (World Wide Web). Here the hypertext documents consist hyperlinks to other resources which the user will be able to easily access. HTTP was generated for supporting hypertext and the World Wide Web.As HTTP is a leading protocol and it is been adopted over the Internet because of its simplicity. Although HTTP's integrity is its biggest power and also its main drawback.  HTTP sessions are being started by an HTTP Client with the help of a user agent and then a connection request notification is sent to the HTTP Server. And this request is known as the ‘Client Request’.

What is HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure)?

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is the extension of Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) for the secure data transmission over a computer network. In HTTPS the communication protocol is encrypted through TLS  (Transport Layer Security), or SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). Each and every website which needs a login credential must use HTTPS. The web browsers like Chrome separates the websites that do not use HTTPS compared to those which are using. If a website is using an HTTPS means there will be a  green padlock in the URL bar indicating that the web pages are secured. Many Web browsers take HTTPS as very important.

Why do you need to redirect HTTP to HTTPs?

1) Helps in keeping your website secure: Nowadays every website should use https for protecting their site. Each and every unprotected HTTP request has the possibility to share the data about the behaviors and identities of the user. HTTPs safeguards the integrity of the site by blocking the intruders tampering related to the communications between the website and the visitors who are browsing.

2) Increases in Rankings and Referral Data: HTTPs sites rank better compared to the non-https sites. And moreover, we usually notice that the impact of Google’s algorithm and recommendations increase over time. If you are using Google Analytics for your HTTP site, then the traffic moving through the referral will be considered as the “direct” traffic. With HTTPS website, the protection of the referring domain is stored. By this, you can make out that the HTTPs decision is better.

3) HTTPs creates good trust and credibility: For moving to HTTPS you require an SSL certificate. An SSL certificate offers good trust and credibility with among your site users. Usually, the visitors look for the green padlock on the website. And this provides an SSL trust and it is necessary to let your users know that they are on a secured website.

Redirect your Website from HTTP to HTTPs using HostingRaja chatbot:

Type your domain for which you required the support.

Step-2: Enter your registered email id.

Step-3: Enter your issue (Want to redirect my domain from http to https).

Step-4: Click on "Want to set redirection rule for your domain?”.

Note: If the case is not suitable for your issue, again enter your issue shortly and click the suitable one.

Step-5: You will receive a pin for verification to your email and you need to enter the pin to proceed further.

Note: For security purpose, it's asking your PIN to avoid misuse this chatbot. The pin which has been sent to your registered email id is required for security purpose.

Step-6: There will be three rules like: "Without www to www", “http to https", "http to https with www". And you need to select "http to https" and click on proceed.

Note: If you want to redirect with other options (without www to www or http to https with www) you can select that too.

Step-7: You need to reconfirm the "http to https" redirection by clicking on "Yes, do it".

Finally, you would have successfully added the http to https redirection rules for your domain.

Importance of https for your website:

1) It is necessary for the users: SSL helps in making your website secured like the communication between the two users is being monitored and altered by an unauthorized party, but SSL keeps user information secure. By this https becomes necessary for your website. As numerous hacking incidents are taking place and users need to know that your brand protects them from their private information being stolen.

2) Increases the Conversions: As users will not have an entire technical knowledge of securing the connections and they also understand that they need a website to be HTTPS while adding their private information. Already many people have noticed the difference in conversion rates between HTTP and HTTPS websites. But, ones Google turns new HTTP labeling, you will be able to notice a huge difference in conversion rates between HTTP and HTTPs.

3) Safeguards all your subdomains: The specific type of SSL certificate called as a Wildcard makes your main website secure along with its subdomains. This kind of SSL certificate is very helpful for the business owner who are managing several websites with various subdomains. But with standard SSL, you’ll need to install separate certificates for each subdomain.

4) HTTPs has become necessary: The main reason for HTTPs website is perception. Nowadays hacking and data looting has become common. Even if your website is not storing any private information, the fact is that you need to have an HTTPS site ( HTTPs has become compulsory). The site with HTTPs makes your website trusted by the users. HTTPS has become popular and it is compulsory for all kinds of website.

How exactly HTTPS on your site secure the customer information?

HTTPS data is nothing but HTTP data which is encrypted with SSL (Secure Socket Layer). SSL encrypts the outbound data before it reaches the network, and then decrypts the inbound data once it left the network. There will not be any plain text on the network, so there is not going to be any issues if the data is stolen by the third party. Without the encryption keys, the taken stolen is of no use. While the SSL/TLS combination, the server, and the client negotiate encryption keys, certificates, etc with each one before the application data is exchanged. And this makes sure that the encrypted data which is sent by the user can only be decrypted by the server.

HTTPS makes use of the HTTP protocol and includes an SSL certificate encryption layer on it. Servers and clients will have exactly the same HTTP for each other, and the SSL connection encrypts and decrypts their requests and responses. The SSL certificate performs two main procedure like Ensures that users are directly involved to the server and another is making sure that only the server will be able to read what the users have sent and only the users can read what it sends back.


The problems related to unsecured websites have already started. The latest versions of all the browsers indicate a not secure notification or a broken lock in the address bar of the site which deals with private data of the user but still uses simple HTTP rather than HTTPS. This is very dangerous for the visitor and the businesses. Many users will not visit your website if in case it is unsecured. As Google has taken the step regarding the HTTP and those sites are mentioned as not secure. As a business or website owner, it is your responsibility to give a secure experience to your website visitors. HTTPS is a must, and there will be no more excuses for not using it.