How To Resolve The HTTP Error 404 Not Found?

404 Error is a “not found” error. Hence in this case you will be required to make sure that the file is existing on the account. You also need to check if it has been referenced correctly and is having the correct file permissions before the proceedings.

Most Common Error in the Website Applications

This is one of the most common error and it occurs in many of the website applications of the website hosting account. They send funny looking URLs to the server that can be flagged by the ModSecurity protection. This is the tool where the applications will be throwing a 404 Not found error when there is some of changes submitted through the admin level of the website application. It blocks any type of suspicious looking website applications, it also blocks the suspicious looking strings for preventing then which is passed through the server.

Verify the Modsecurity Issue

When this is happened the support team will be required to verify if it is a modsecurity issue or not. Here firstly you will be required to provide the support all the details which is necessary so that one can go through and then reproduce the error on our end. This will usually be including the getting the URL for the website applications admin login page, and the username as well as the password for the location.

You will also be required with a detailed instruction on how to duplicate the error in the hosting such as the navigation to the settings page, clicking on the test post and adding a period at the end of the post and then clicking on the submit button.

Contact our Support - 24*7 Availability

Once you are having all the information for us in order for us in order for reliably reproducing the error, then you can request it to the Tech Support. For your issue to be resolved one needs to have a ticket for tracking the issue, here the live phone call as well as the chat will also help in creating the ticket for you.