How to find DNS nameserver from whm panel

In this page, we will discuss how to find nameserver from the WHM panel. Before that let us understand what is Nameserver.

A nameserver is a component of DNS(domain name system) which allows the website to be browsed by its domain name instead of its IP address. When we type the domain name in the browser the nameserver will translate the domain into its corresponding IP address

For example, when you type the Domain name “” in the browser, there will be a request sent to domain’s Nameserver and will return the IP address of the domain, this IP address is used by the browser to fetch the website. Every website will have at least two nameservers, the general format of the nameserver will be and where nameofserver will be the name of the server. And generally, (the first nameserver ) will be the primary server and (the second nameserver) will be the backup server when the first nameserver is not responding. The nameservers are used to translate the domain name into IP address as IP address are hard for us to remember.

Step to find nameserver details in your WHM panel:

Step 1: Log in to the server using the WHM username and password through

If The Domain is not propagated you can use with https://yourserverip:2087

If The Domain is propagated you can use with http://yourdomainname:2087

Step 2: After you login into your WHM panel >> Click on  DNS Functions as shown below:

Step 3: After you click on DNS function >> Click on Edit DNS Zone as shown below

Step 4: After you click on Edit DNS Zone >>  Select the domain name for which you need nameserver, and then click Edit as shown

Step 5: you can see the nameserver details in the menu. For editing the nameserver details you can do it by clicking on edit on the next to the nameserver, example : For the two lines with the menu showcasing NS(nameserver details), click on edit the right-most columns to  and ns2.your domain which Has to be edited .

Follow the above steps to find the nameservers in WHM panel. You can add the nameservers as shown below  

To Add New Records nameserver record


Step 1: You can add new record in the below the Path section, fill the following appropriately


First field: Nameserver details or record  which has to be updated eg:

Second field: TTL(time to live - this value in IP packet which tell network router if or not the packet is there in the network and it should be discarded ) eg:14400

Third field: Record type which added eg: Select A Record

Fourth field: IP address(Enter your server's IP address)


Step 2: After you fill the appropriate details >>  Click on Save.

Note: After you update the nameservers it will take 24-48 hours for the nameserver to reflect globally. The time taken for the nameserver to reflect globally is called DNS propagation time  

If you need any assistance, feel free to contact our technical team members as they are available 24/7 via phone call, chat, ticket system. We will be happy to help you.