HR-Panel , FILE MANAGER, Used in Linux Virtual Private Host.

The file manager provides the easiest way to access the files and results in best interface to the user. It features in providing access to the file and also enables  several required functions. You can edit & modify your source code such as PHP, JS and HTML, CSS files in Linux VPS Hosting Servers


     Primary functions of File manager are listed below


   home.png     : When clicked it takes to the home directory.


   Create.png           :  When clicked it perform file or directory creation.


  edit.png            : When clicked it performs edit operation of the file.


 delete.png            : This button deletes the selected file


 move.png          : This button performs the file moving operation to the desired location.


rename.png           :This button the allows the user to rename the existing file


upload.png            :This button gives the option to browse and upload it from clients local system.


Download.png          :This button when clicked downloads the file into local system


Also by right clicking on the folder/file you will get the option

The file manager has added advantages of changing the file permissions.which becomes easier for user to do it in the front end rather than getting behind those long commands.

The file manager provides you to filter between the no of options for example based on the date of which the file was created or uploaded.

Document tree

Document tree.png

As seen in the above picture the file manager in your website hosting provides the document tree which is easier for user to navigate to the desired file of respective directory.

edit file.png

It also provides the user  best interface in writing the code.

The file manager overall has a effective way of accessing files and provides enough

Required options.